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The Painted Response to Life: Overload and Excess, The Body in Pain Through War and Conflict
September 17

Tuning into these difficult aspects of contemporary life, Barbara Kreft and Kimberly Benson make these events points of departure for their work. Although very different in outcome both painters share an interest in conveying the transcending and healing potential of painting.

Barbara Kreft, renowned regionally for her large scale, densely patterned abstract paintings, was born in Northern Germany and moved to the U.S. after completing her MFA at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Berlin. This talk will focus on her life as an artist and her mentoring friendship with College of Visual Art graduate, Kimberly Benson.

"Barbara is the most dedicated artist I know, managing an elegantly spare existence in her single-minded pursuit." - Wing Young Huie