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Take Love Easy
Charmin Michelle & Sam Militich

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Third Place Gallery is proud to present the world premiere of Take Love Easy: A Tribute to Ella and Joe, a duet written and performed live by Charmine Michelle & Sam Miltich. Charmin and Sam have been collaborating for the last fourteen years, performing through a variety of settings and styles, ranging from a classic five-piece jazz combo of vocals, electric guitar, saxophone, upright bass and drums, to a hot club jazz ensemble of violin, upright bass, and two acoustic guitars. They have been performing duets since Winter 2013 and have since continued performing together, a rich style of making music that they appreciate for requiring an intimate sense of mutual responsibility and vulnerability. Charmin and Sam have answered their collaborative questions by turning to the iconic duo of Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass, who performed many duets throughout the 1970s. Take Love Easy: A Tribute to Ella and Joe includes many covers of Fitzgerald and Pass, as well as original music that captures the spirit of a bygone era.