Wing Young Huie | Janaki Ranpura Salom
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Janaki Ranpura Salon
February 18

We are excited to have Janaki Ranpura perform her original work Stories of the Crash, a series of episodes about accidents. A small city will be the stage for illustrations, illuminations, and projections about how we see ourselves in relation to the economic and political developments of our world. Janaki created this piece in response to time spent in October at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City. Confusion surrounding the meaning of the movement fits right in with her interest in writing puppet shows that go back to the roots of puppetry, which built a forum for the politics of the day in order to create hilarious, creative, and intent discourse. This show is a simple platform for one of the unwashed, cute and jazzy masses to talk to a CEO.

Janaki Ranpura believes in making it fun to live cheek-to-jowl. She builds nomadic structures that promote self-conscious enjoyment of human density. As a designer, she values intimacy and mobility. She unites technology with the traditional stagecraft of puppet theater. Projects evolve from her experience as a performer, a community artist, a writer, and a designer for parades and stage. Her sense of space is informed by her training at the Lecoq School in France. Her sense of light was developed at Larry Reed’s groundbreaking company, Shadowlight Productions. Her desire to include the public comes from working on community projects with Heart of the Beast Theatre. Her ability for movement and hilarity comes from her restless roots as the inappropriately creative daughter of Indian doctors. She studied at Yale University. Janaki has received fellowships from several local organizations, and international association UNIMA has awarded her a Citation of Excellence for her puppet work. She is currently a Many Voices fellow at the Playwrights' Center and associated with Red Eye Theater.