Wing Young Huie | Community Yarn Workshop
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Community Yarn Art Workshop with Steven Berg, The Glitter Knitter and the Creative Community Foundation.
Feburary 23rd

Come join us and your neighbors in creating colorful public art project that's part of Arts on Chicago!

Just show up. We are looking for people to CREATE. That's all! No experience is necessary and all ages are welcome. In the three hours we will be there, we are hoping to gather a bunch of fiber art to add to a unique public art piece. People can knit, crochet, weave, finger weave, make pom-poms, rats nests, whatever. Stop by for 20 minutes or stay for hours; it's up to you. Together we will be bringing a steel sculpture to life. A colorful, evolving fiber sculpture will be layered over the static steel and will be on display in the art garden at Steven Be at 35th and Chicago Avenue. The project will also make appearances at other community events.
Find out more about the project.