Wing Young Huie | Salon featuring Ansa Akyea and Rohan Preston
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Salon featuring Ansa Akyea and Rohan Preston
December 17

Shhh! Join actor Ansa Akyea and writer/critic Rohan Preston for a preview of a warmly absurdist project. Ansa and Rohan will share an excerpt from this work-in-progress and engage the audience in a discussion of the piece as well as the role of theater in their lives. Ansa will also preview part of his yet-to-be-titled piece on memory, immigration, and acculturation.

Ansa is a 2011 Recipient of the Minnesota Playwright Center's McKnight Fellowship. City Pages named him Best Actor in 2007, writing that “Ansa Akyea brings a combination of dramatic heft and humane lightness to every role he touches. While he isn't particularly tall, he has such a physical presence that he could pass for a six-plus-footer. And he's blessed with a big, expressive, handsome mug that enables him to run the gamut from heartthrob to nurturing protector.” He most recently appeared in The Guthrie Theatre’s production of The Burial at Thebes and can soon be seen in Jeff Fischer's upcoming film "Memorial Day" starring Jim Cromwell, which was shot in Minnesota.

Since 1998, Rohan has been theater critic at the Star Tribune, for whom he has interviewed Arthur Miller, August Wilson, Edward Albee, Tony Kushner, Bill Cosby and other luminaries who have made him giddy as a kid on candy. He was on a Star Tribune team that won an Emmy for a documentary on the historic 2008 elections. He has won awards for poetry and for journalism, and has written for the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post and New York Times. Jamaica-born, New York-reared and Yale educated, he thanks his high-school English teacher who, recognizing his love of the arts, told him that if he wanted to get into shows for free, he should either usher or become a critic.