Wing Young Huie | The Bullet or the Ballot: Average Mohamed's Counter-Ideology

The Bullet or the Ballot: Average Mohamed's Counter-Ideology
Friday, December 18, 2015

As you may have guessed my name is Mohamed. Mohamed is the most common name in the world. I set up to talk plainly to Humanity. The issue of extremism is one that directly affects us all. I have waited for a constructive, logical argument that can reach average people. It has dawned on me that it will take an average guy. It is an average guy who turns average people into extremists. It will take all of us average people to tell them otherwise. My mission is simply create a counter ideology with your help and input. I want to give average parents and clergy talking points that can help with theological or even logical talking points countering falsehood propagated by extremists. I live happily in the greatest place a person can call home, amongst a people who cherish peace and offer people like me unparalleled opportunity to achieve as much as I want. It is in their name, that of my children and the right to free speech that I do this.

Hopefully your New Friend,
Mohamed Amin Ahmed


Meet Mohamed Amin Ahmed, father of three, husband to Safiyo, convenience store manager by day, counter-ideologue by night. After selling his grocery store on the North Side of Minneapolis, Mohamed began working at Super America just up the block from the Third Place Gallery. Mohamed then began writing cartoons designed to combat the rhetoric of Islamic extremism with stories based on the true tenants of Islam: love and harmony. He outsources the animation to India and commissions a local audio-technician to help add sound and record voice-overs.

The Third Place Gallery and Franklin Library are partnering to host an open conversation between Minneapolis Somali youth from the Young Achievers program & Mohamed Amin Ahmed.

December 18th, 2015 (at Third Place Gallery)
6 - 8 pm